Art in the Park

Cosgrove’s Art in the Park scheme is a year-long initiative that started in April 2021 and is providing in person and online art sessions until March 2022 for people who we support in the local community.

With a programme that stretches across a wide variety of art forms, the course helps people we support share their perceptions of the world, express their emotions and create lasting bodies of work which they can be proud of. With a focus on nature, space and expression, Art in the Park directly helps to deal with the impact of COVID on the lives of people we support.

Art in the Park caters to all ages, with a focus on younger people through certain elements of our activities, in particular our online sessions.


Improved concentration

Better interaction- facilitator/volunteers

Increase in skills and experience of different art forms

  • Increased access to arts provision for disabled people
  • Improved mental and emotional wellbeing as a result of access to high quality arts provision.
  • Improved arts skills and communication/expression from participants.
  • Increased confidence and ability to express themselves and shape and direct sessions.
  • Improved perceptions of the potential of disabled people to develop skills and produce high quality arts
  • That people who have participated have improved understanding and knowledge of art in various forms
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