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Supported Employment

Negotiating the world of work can be challenging and intimidating for those with disabilities. Cosgrove offers a variety of resources to help you pursue employment opportunities that are right for you.

Our Supported Employment opportunities offer work-based learning opportunities in our local communities. Some of the ways in which we can help include:

  1. Raising aspirations and ensuring a successful transition from school into employment or further education
    Increasing confidence, motivation, social inclusion, self-esteem, work readiness and friendships.
  2. Offering helpful advice and information to support families during transition towards adulthood and independent living
  3. Helping young people achieve a nationally recognised qualification.
  4. Working with local schools to deliver opportunities for pupils who would otherwise be excluded from this important part of the school curriculum
  5. Increasing social inclusion and community awareness of the skills and abilities of people with additional needs
  6. Supporting local employers with advice to make their workplace accessible for people with additional needs, and access to qualified employees and job coaching for new employees
  7. Working with local authorities to offer supported employment and training for adults with additional needs who would otherwise be more likely to be amongst the long-term unemployed

If you’d like to find out more about how we can provide support please get in touch.

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