Self Direct Support

Self-directed support is about being in control of the support you need to live your life your way. It offers choice, flexibility and supports you to realise your hopes for the future.

SDS allows you control and flexibility to arrange and organise your support yourself through 4 options.

1. Direct Payment

This is money that is paid directly to you so that you can direct your own support. Support you need to meet your agreed outcomes. You can use this payment to choose and control your support, you can directly employ a Personal Assistant (become the employer) or buy services directly from a provider of your choice.

Benefit of Direct Payment:

This will give you the most control as the money is paid directly to you. Cosgrove can help you as much or as little as you would like.

2. Individual Service Fund

Allocated to an organization that the person chooses, and the person is in charge of how it is spent. A support budget is money for support that could come from several places. You can choose your own support but someone else will arrange that support and manage the money on your behalf.

Benefit of Individual Service Fund:

This will give you slightly less control as your support budget will be paid into a bank account which may not necessarily be in your name. For example, you could advise that you wish your support budget to be paid into a bank account held by Cosgrove. You would still make all the decisions but we would in partnership with you make any purchases on your behalf and maintain your banking records.

3. Arranged Services

The person chooses to allow the council to arrange and determine their services. The local authority will commission a service on your behalf. The local authority will have responsibility for identifying and commissioning (or providing appropriate support and making payment of the relevant amount to the identified provider).

Benefit of Arranged Services:

This will give you the least control; this is where your local government manages your support budget and organises your care. You can still make choices about agencies who provide support within the boundaries of the Local Authority framework.

4. Mixed Budget

The person can choose a mix of these options for different types of support. You can pick and mix of Options 1 to 3.

Benefit of Mixed Budget:

This is a mixture of all the above three; you may wish to choose this option if you are receiving more than one form of care.

If you’d like to know more about these options and how Cosgrove can help you then please give us a call on 0141 680 2500 (Option 6), email us at or by completing our call back form.

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