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Adult Outreach

Adult Services provide support, across West Central Scotland, working with people with varied needs.

This support changes according to individual needs and personal requests. Some supports are in people’s houses, others are based in the community. All supports are people to live as independently as possible, to achieve their potential and fully participate in the community.

Adult services also provide group support, which anyone can attend. We currently run the following fun activities; drama; arts and crafts; health and fitness; creative writing and digital skills.

As well as our organised group activities, we can support you to participate in pass times that you enjoy. From going to football matches to going to the cinema or gym.

The support we can provide for you can get you connected in your community, build your social life and achieve your goals.

We can also offer you flexible support in your own home. This can help you plan and prepare meals, manage your money, keep your home tidy. Support can also help you make appointments and maintain your health and wellbeing.

The Team

  1. We have a large staff team with many different personalities; so there’s always someone to get along with
  2. We want you to be involved in everything we do so really value your ideas and thoughts on what we do and encourage you to share your views.
  3. You can speak to any member of staff if anything worries or upsets you.
  4. We want you to feel safe and secure with us.
  5. Your family and friends to can be involved, and they will get to know the team!

Individual Help

Every person has an individual support plan. Within these are the individual’s personal details and a timetable specific to their weekly activities. Activities can vary from horse-riding, support with college, swimming and bowling. Support ranges from 4 hours to 40 hours per week.

These are reviewed with you on a regular basis.

Adult Services are dynamic, evolving and centred on the on the people we support.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can provide support please get in touch.

Meet Claire

Claire is 29 years old and lives with her parents in Giffnock, Glasgow.  

Cosgrove provides 38 hours of support per week when Claire is supported to access the activities of her choice during her support time. These include going to the bikes at Glasgow Green, keep fit at the Gorbals Leisure Centre, bowling, and cinema.

Claire also enjoys spending time in our Connexions building with her friends.

Claire’s family said:

“Claire skips out of the door in the morning when she is collected and as a young person who is virtually non-verbal this is all we need to see to know that she is happy at Cosgrove.  She often comes home from Cosgrove smelling of perfume which means that at some point during the day someone who has been looking after her has held her close – we love that” 

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