Our Impact

We believe our support to people can greatly enhance their home and community lives.  We support people by getting alongside them, working out what a good life looks like and tailoring our support to suit each individual.   We are led by people and their families to work out individual plans. We listen, and plan support that is flexible and responsive making sure that people have maximum choice and control.  We ensure that people feel valued and respected at all times.  The outcomes we can achieve by working together are:

  • improvement to health and well-being
  • enjoying new  experiences
  • meeting new people and feeling more confident
  • learning new skills
  • thinking about work or volunteering opportunities
  • having more control over your money to enjoy life
  • getting involved in participation groups and opportunities to have your voice heard
  • support that changes as you do

Our experience has demonstrated many positive outcomes in the lives of people we support over the years.  We have seen growth and development in many areas of peoples’ lives for the better-  and we celebrate those successes no matter how small or large.

At Cosgrove, when we don’t get it right, we want to know about it and change it!   We are a learning organisation, always learning from people we support who are experts in their own lives.

We are always open to what we could do better with a focus on continual improvement.

Quite simply, we thrive on seeing people we support thrive – and feel honoured to be part of their life’s journey.

Find out more about our exciting Art in the Park initiative which demonstrates one way in which we are making an impact for those we support

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