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Ukrainian Project and Ukrainian Cultural Event at Cosgrove Care

Cosgrove Care recently hosted a Ukrainian Culture Event at Connexions Hall, Maccabi Centre, May Terrace, Giffnock on 21st June, 2023. The purpose of the event was to introduce Ukraine and its rich culture to colleagues in Cosgrove Care, partners, supported people, their families and the local community. Organised by Cosgrove Care and Ukrainian staff, the event provided an opportunity to share updates on the Ukrainian Project, its progress, and plans.

The meeting started with a few words from Heather Gray, CEO of Cosgrove Care, who then introduced Adam Dillon, the Minister of Sherbrooke Mosspark Parish Church, Glasgow. He provided some context to today’s event by speaking about the hosting of Ukrainian refugees on the MS Ambition Cruise Ship at the King George V Dock in Govan, when they first arrived in Scotland, and the response of the Sherbrooke Mosspark Parish Church, which had been to organise bi-weekly meetings for Ukrainians in Glasgow. Through these meetings, Cosgrove Care established a valuable network and discovered the Ukrainian community in the City, offering a helping hand in their integration within Glasgow.

The first part of the 21st June event introduced attendees to Ukrainian culture enabling them to discover Ukraine through engaging presentations, enchanting Ukrainian music, and savouring delectable Ukrainian cuisine lovingly prepared by dedicated Ukrainian staff at Cosgrove. The event also featured a lively and enjoyable quiz about Ukraine, which sparked friendly competition and added to the overall atmosphere of the afternoon.

“We want our colleagues, people we support and their families to learn more about us and why we came to Scotland. Moreover, we wanted the event’s guests to immerse themselves in the vibrant Ukrainian culture and ignite their curiosity to explore more about Ukraine. We are very grateful to Scottish people for their unwavering hospitality and support during these hard times and this event is just another humble way to express our gratitude” – says Yulia, Community Support Worker at Cosgrove Care.

In the second part, Andriy, HR Consultant at Cosgrove Care, presented the Project by sharing its scope, achievements and impact for both Cosgrove Care and the Ukrainian Community in Glasgow. Pauline Boyce, Cosgrove’s Deputy CEO shared her perspective on the Project, its significance and gave credit to involved people and partners who had contributed to its success.

The initial idea of the Project was to hire and train a small cohort of people from the Ukrainian Community and enable them to start their careers in social care in Scotland. After hiring 7 support workers, the Project carries on. The Project Team is reviewing the hiring and training process at Cosgrove Care and preparing to scale up, which would enable the hiring of even more support workers from both the Ukrainian and local communities. The Team is eager to share the methodology and findings of the Project with other partner organisation to help them with their hiring challenges in the social care market place.

Hopefully the biggest impact of the project is yet to come!

Following the formal proceedings, those present remained in the hall, engaging in lively conversations, tasting traditional Ukrainian dishes such as borsch and varenyky and enjoying the opportunity to bond with one another. It was interesting to discover that some members of the Cosgrove Care Team and the local community had Ukrainian roots, which pleasantly surprised participants and further enriched the connections made during the event.

The Organisers were delighted to have among the guests, partners from Clyde College, DWP and other partner organisations who share an interest in Cosgrove Care’s initiatives and their impact.

All present looked forward to further collaboration in the future.

For those who couldn’t attend the event or who want to learn more about Ukraine, there are resources available to assist in the exploration of its rich and vibrant culture, including:

An overview of Ukraine at the official Ukraine Now page or for those with a deeper interest through the materials of the Ukrainer project.

Modern Ukrainian music showcasing a blend of ethnic sounds and traditions can be discovered through listening to artistes such as Onuka, Jamala, Hardkiss, and Dakha Brakha.

More information on Ukrainian history is available on YouTube through lectures by Timothy Snyder a Yale University Professor and bestselling author specialising in the history of Central and Eastern Europe. His series “The Making of Modern Ukraine” from 2022 offers valuable insights.

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