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Dear First Minister

Cosgrove Care is one of the 109 organisations who signed the CCPS letter to the First Minister calling for an increase to the Budget to up the £12 pay offer for social care staff in Scotland. It is not enough and does not recognise the skills,talents and essential role that our staff play. Cosgrove Care will continue to work with our partners to bring about change and improvements for all of our staff.

Dear First Minister.

With the Scottish Goverment setting new base rate of pay for social care staff at £12p/h from next spring - simply matching the updated Real Living Wage and no more - the message to these staff is clear: 

You are worth the bare minimum.

This despite the fundamental work they do supporting people to thrive and live independent lives, work that is the heart of your vision for "Equality, Opportunity and Community" in Scotland. 

£12 per hour is not enough. 

We call on you to rethink how social care staff are recognised and rewarded, and for that change to be reflected in the choices you make for 2024-25 Scottish Budget. 


Rachel Cackett, Chief Executive Officer, Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland and 109 organisations from across civil society including social care providers, anti-poverty groups, faith leaders, carers' representatives and equality organisations.

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