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Patrons Portrait

Cosgrove unveils our Patrons Portrait

The Walton Foundation was founded in 1964 by the late Isidore Walton, a Glasgow Property Developer, with his wife Lena and their son, David. Since this time, the Walton Foundation has given consistently and generously to not just Cosgrove and the Jewish Community, but to projects promoting health, research, education and infrastructure across Scotland and beyond.

Dr David Walton and his wife, Carole have been loyal and valued supporters of Cosgrove Care. Donations from the foundation have sustained our work, helping us modernise, innovate and deliver a new generation of social care services. Their support helped ensure we have excellent facilities at the Walton Community Care Centre, our base and provides ongoing financial support to Cosgrove Care.

The Board of Cosgrove Care were delighted when David and Carole accepted our offer to become Patrons of the Charity in recognition of their amazing contribution and to mark the occasion, commissioned a painting, unveiled at our AGM on 8 August 2018.

Cosgrove looks forward to a long and enduring relationship with David and Carole and expresses its thanks for their generosity and commitment to our work.

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