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Cosgrove Care 2021/22 Impact Report

Introducing Cosgrove’s 2021/22 Impact Report

Cosgrove Care is delighted to launch our Impact Report for 2021/22 and share the inspiring stories of the incredible people we work with. This years Impact Report focuses on personal stories and on the talents and skills of the children, adults and older adults that we work with. We also pay tribute to the people who make up our social care workforce and have ensured that we have been able to continue to provide care and support through the most difficult of times. Our Co Chair, Donny Lyons said of the report, ‘It’s fantastic to hear directly from families who tell us what matters to them and what makes a difference in their lives. It offers great insight and helps us shape our future offer- we are very grateful to the people that have taken the time to share thir stories with us.’

Our Impact Report also thanks the many funders, donors and supporters of Cosgrove Care who provide financail support which sustains our services and supports. Particular thanks goes to David and Carole Walton, our Patrons and to John Dover, Oyr Honorary President. We are very grateful for their enduring support, guidaance and wisdom.

We hope that you enjoy reading the inspiring stories and thanking everyone connected with Cosgrove Care for helping us achieve 62 years of service in our local community.

Unable to view the PDF? Download the Impact Report here!

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