Information about our Home Care Service

We are an established and leading Social Care provider, committed to providing innovative service in East Renfrewshire. 

With Cosgrove your Care in the Home service will be planned and adapted to suit your personal needs both at home and your local community.

 Support we can offer you at home:

  1. Meal prep and support with eating
  2. Assistance with mobility
  3. Support with personal care
  4. Simple treatments and managing medication
  5. Personal assistance and advice  

Please note that the following services may be chargeable dependant on your assessed needs

  1. Help with Housework
  2. Laundry
  3. Shopping
  4. Services out with your home such as day care centres or lunch clubs

Meet Peggy

Peggy is 83 years old and is supported by our Care in the Home service to get washed and dressed for the day ahead.  At night staff support Peggy to get ready for bed and apply creams to her legs.

Cosgrove have helped Peggy’s family to arrange for a wet room to be installed in her house, to make it safer for Peggy to have a shower without the fear of failing.  The wet room was fitted in Peggy’s home in October 2018. 

Peggy’s son Cameron said:

"We find it’s a comfort to us that we know who the staff are and when they come in that they are looking after my mum well.  I can go out knowing that my mum is being looked after well and is safe.  I know the office is only at the other end of the phone and I can call them anytime.  It’s good that Cosgrove is local and we aren’t phoning an office too far away from us"