Support Cosgrove and make your occasion extra special!

There are a number of ways in which you can support Cosgrove via a special occasion that ensures that your celebrations also help the charity carry out it’s much needed work in the community!

There are lots of ways to support Cosgrove on your special day, whether you are celebrating a birthday, wedding, retirement or an anniversary, or something else entirely!

Anniversaries or Retirements

Instead of gifts to mark the big occasion, consider asking your friends and family to make a donation to Cosgrove – they can donate here.



If you have a big birthday coming up, why not set up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser and ask for donations instead of presents. If you’re planning on holding a party, we can also send you collection boxes and envelopes for guests to give on the day too!



We can provide special Cosgrove pin badges for use as wedding favours on your special day, for which guests could pay a small nominal donation. You may also wish to ask for donations instead of wedding gifts from your family and friends.

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