A simple way for employees to ensure that our life-changing projects can continue beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

The Payroll Giving scheme empowers employees to support Cosgrove straight from their salary. Donations are tax-effective because they are taken before tax is applied, meaning we receive more of your donation and it costs your employees less.

From Fundraisers done as teams, to making donations at the point of sale (in person or online), to Gifts in Kind, there are plenty of opportunities to support Cosgrove while at the same time creating a great team spirit and goodwill in the community.

You can also get your customers involved, including them in your support of Cosgrove and also of your achievements – we would be more than happy to assist in creating a plan that would ensure that everyone gets the most out of your support.

Your company could help us save valuable resources with Gift in Kind support.

Whether it’s professional services or products, or new items that for whatever reason you don’t have use for that can be used as part of Cosgrove’s ongoing or special services, donating a Gift in Kind is a wonderful way to put resources to good use while supporting the charity’s work.

Your support will save us spending on valuable resources which allows us to focus all our efforts on providing the best possible service for our community.

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