Why we need your help

Cosgrove Care's support workers, carers and volunteers are working tirelessly to provide home care to the elderly and support to children and their families. During this time many people are especially vulnerable. Our older people are more isolated than ever and our children’s daily lives as they know it have changed significantly. Due to changing circumstances 48% of our supports have been cancelled, our retail shops closed and fundraising events postponed, which has had a significant impact upon our charities income. 

How you can help?

By donating a small gift of £10, £20, £50 or £100, which would usually be spent on a trip to the cinema or evening out, you will help us to respond immediately to help elderly people and children with within your community.

Where the money will go?

We will use the funds raised to provide:

  • Home care to the elderly and meet volunteer expenses, such as fuel costs, to help volunteers deliver essential foods.
  • Support the cost of virtual supports, such as mobile phone data, and the cost of postage to post crafts to the children and adults we support.
  • Purchase of additional technology to help our volunteer coordinator keep in touch with the local community. 
  • Help to meet the running costs of the charity such as accommodation and the cost of staff, who are paid by the hour, who help to provide emergency support, as well as skilled clubs, such as drama and the arts. 

Together we will get through this. From everyone at Cosgrove Care thank you for thinking of us at this challenging time!