Why leave a legacy?

Cosgrove Care has helped thousands of people with additional needs and their families for more than half a century. We aim to help many more people live an independent life, and with the help of supporters and friends, Cosgrove will continue its work for many years to come.

An easy way for you to help is to leave a gift to Cosgrove in your will, in the form of a legacy. As Cosgrove is a charity it will be tax-free. Every legacy gift we receive, whether large or small, helps us to support more people with learning disabilities.

Nobody likes to consider their own death, but making a will (and keeping it up to date) is one of the most important actions we undertake.

What is a legacy?

  • A legacy is a donation made as part of a will
  • Legacies to registered charities are deducted before inheritance tax is calculated and so reduce the amount of tax that your family or other beneficiaries will have to pay
  • Legacies can be either for specific amounts or they can be residual. The latter means that it consists of what is left after all bequests, debts and expenses have been settled. This can be useful if you are concerned that leaving a legacy will deprive your family of their inheritance
  • Leaving a legacy is a flexible way of donating to Cosgrove without affecting your day-to-day income and at the same time helping to ensure our future

How do I set up a legacy?

  • You need to have a will.
  • If you already do and now wish to include a bequest to the Cosgrove, please seek advice from a solicitor. If you do not have a will this would be a good time to write one up. Ideally, you should seek advice from a solicitor in order to do this. Make sure you give the solicitor our full name, address and charity number in order to avoid any uncertainty as to which charity is to benefit from the legacy.
  • If you wish Cosgrove to receive the remainder of your estate, after any other specific bequests have been settled, please seek advice from a solicitor.

Find Out More

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